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Friday, 18 May 2012

Trustworthy PTC Website

PTC WEBSITES: PTC is a short form of "Paid To Click". You click an advertisement to get paid. It is generally assumed that clicking advertisements on PTC Websites is an easy job. I agree but the question is, if they are worth a visit. If someone claims that he is making a large sum of money, he is clearly lying through his teeth even if he shows proofs. The website owner sometimes uploads some fake proofs to attract users' attention. It is an admitted fact that you can never make a fortune from your Rented Referrals. As for income from your Rented Referrals, you can't even buy a cake for your breakfast. Direct Referrals can grow your income if you are good at referring others and have innumerable active Direct Referrals under you. Finding Direct Referrals is very difficult. You are also unsure if they will stay active or not. I humbly request you not to spend money renting referrals on those PTC Websites which do not allow you to recycle your inactive rented referrals for free. If you think PTC Websites can make you rich, you are, in fact, daydreaming. I am also an experienced user. I learnt to manage them, but I failed to get what was expected.

A FASCINATING STORY: Now I would like to tell you a story of my life. I squandered much time as well as money on PTC Websites. I purchased a Golden Membership on some PTC websites worth $85 and $70. I rented too many Rented Referrals. They were not active enough to help me grow my income even after studying them thoroughly. I had a lot of Direct Referrals. They were active because these websites were awesome. I was making enough money. Eventually,  one of them turned scam, and the other one amended their rules. The new regulations were not of benefit to everyone.  My Direct Referrals abandoned working one by one and left me alone. I made a big loss.

Bucks4Shares: This is the only website I would like to recommend you. It only benefits you. Its minimum payout is only $0.02 which you can accumulate in 3 days or so.

Firstly, you get paid as soon as you reach $0.02.

Secondly, When you buy a referral, you pay $0.10 one time. In case it is inactive, you can always recyle it for free so who can tell me this option available on any other PTC websites? You can have as many Direct and Rented Referrals as you want. Your Rented Referrals are converted to Direct Referrals. The other websites always charge you when you recycle an inactive rented referral. They don't guarantee if the new one will be active..

Thirdly, You don't have to click daily in order to earn from your referrals.

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